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I’m Helen Slucki, founder of RARE – a people practice.

After spending over a decade in Australia building a career in people management and organizational development, leading teams in top 200 public corporations and privately owned retail brands, I moved to Charleston, SC in 2013.

I am a people whisperer. I know what makes people tick, how to get your team to buy into your broader business strategy and how to spot the right hire for your vacant role. My coaching will help you land your dream job.

I am passionate coaching my clients toward their career goals, and working with leaders to make their business a place where people want to work and grow.

What does that all look like? My coaching has helped people re-enter the workforce after a career break, helped a hostess and former teacher land her dream job in higher education, and helped an administrative super-star take the leap into the tech world – just to name a few. My consulting work has helped businesses revamp their vision, mission and values to better reflect their greater purpose, trained hiring managers to spot top talent in a crowd and created remuneration structures that retain top performers so they are not poached by the competition.

Whether you are looking to recruit, attract, retain and engage top talent for your business, or looking for expert advice in your own career, RARE – a people practice is your solution, your team of people whisperers.

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