Anniversary thank you

If you have been following my social media posts this week, you will know that it is anniversary week here at RARE HQ. You will also know that I talk a lot about the importance of recognizing your team, and I encourage my clients to say thank you to their people for the littlest of tasks. 

So, this week, in honor of the 1 year anniversary of RARE being my full-time gig, I want to say thank you to my crew, my people. Because even though RARE is a practice of 1, it takes a village.

My clients: This past year, I have been lucky to work with the most incredible people and interesting organizations. Thank you all for trusting me with the things that have challenged you and giving me to opportunity to partner with you to create solutions. It has been an absolute privilege working with each and every one of you.

My mentors and advisors: To say that I couldn’t do it without you would be an understatement. Beth Plante – RARE would not exist without your gentle pushing me to get it started in the first place. Michelle Bihary, our FaceTime chats, your wisdom and insight, they inspire me to think deeper, get curious and learn moreSarah Rowley, you taught me so much of what I know, and I continue to learn from you. Jess Lilly, you came to hang out and co-work the first week that RARE was my full time gig. Your support means the world to me. Josh Rosenthal, my social media guru. Thanks for showing me how it is done. Zak Eichenbaum, thanks for being my IT genius and teaching me websites and all things tech.

My friends: Thanks for supporting me and for taking an interest in this gig. Love you all.

My referrers: You guys – you know who you are. Thanks for sending the most wonderful people my way. It means a lot that you recommend RARE to people who are near and dear to you. And these people are now near and dear to me too!

My family: To my parents and mother in law, thank you for all of your support, interest and cheerleading. A special shout out to my dad, Sam Eichenbaum – the original people whisperer whose impact of people and workplaces cannot be understatedYou thought up the name RARE, and I owe so much to you I work in the hope that RARE can make a fraction of the impact that you have had on people and workplaces. My son Arthur, thanks for being my number one fan and all your encouragement. And of course, to my husband David. You believed in me and RARE well before I believed in it myself. Thanks for insisting that this little idea became real.  

And finally, to you dear reader! Thanks for coming on this journey with me and reading my musings each week.  I love getting to share it with you.

Year 2, let’s do this!

Until next week,