Checking in weekly

How are you going with your weekly one-on-ones with your team? Are you still doing them? Please say yes…

How has the current changed work environment changed your weekly check ins?

Many of you have shared that you are under an incredible amount of pressure right now. Many of you have also shared that you are “Zoomed out” – the last thing we want is another video meeting.

Yes, AND….

And now, more than ever, business leaders and people managers need to be focused on building connection. Weekly one-on-ones are one of the spaces that you create with your people to check-in and create connection.

So keep them up- or if you have let them slide, start up your weekly one-on-ones again.

And if you need a format to that gives you a way in, and creates conversation that builds connection – I have got you covered. Check out something I wrote about it right here.

Until next week,