Designing Your Dream Monday

Monday morning got you down?

What if I told you Mondays could be something to look forward to? What would that look like for you? What would need to be true to make getting ready for work on a Monday feel exciting?

If Sunday nights fill you with dread and Mondays leave you feeling stuck, unsure what your next step is, or wanting to make a change, career coaching could be exactly what you need.

My methodology help you access your inner wisdom to land your dream job. We will work together to craft your vision for your career path and outline what you need to do to get there. I will coach you through it all, helping you work through limiting beliefs and negative self talk.


“Helen’s support changed the game for my career. She always related to my greatness and reminded me of my power even when I couldn’t see if for myself. She inspired me to go for my most exciting (and scary) professional goals. Because of Helen, I learned never to underestimate myself and now I’m doing what I love” – Jess L.


Job search tools – Resume development,┬áLinkedIn profile development, cover letter writing, interview preparation

Career coaching –┬áCareer change planning, skills assessment


“When looking to make a values-driven career change, Helen provided strategic direction for my resume, cover letter and application. Helen gave me the confidence to apply for a position that would truly align with my life’s purpose. And I just heard that I have an interview!” – Mandy G.

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Together we can design a Monday you only ever dreamed of.

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