COVID-19 support

Well – this was unexpected!

With COVID-19 shutting down work as we know it, many of us are navigating a new normal – working full-time from home, with our partners also working full-time from home. We may even have children doing their schooling from home.

Managing time, managing the expectations of our teams, our supervisors, our peers and our colleagues. Some of us are also dealing with a partner who has lost their job. Many of us are also caring for aging parents who are suddenly isolated. It’s a lot.

And then of course, there is the news cycle – and the fear of the unknown and what may be coming.

So how can I help? 

Right now, my clients are engaging me to work one-on-one with key people in their team to help navigate the transition to working from home.

Our work is usually in 4, 8 or 12 x 1 hour weekly sessions. The first session is always centered around setting goals for our time together. The subsequent sessions are about creating the resources they need to achieve those goals, and then supporting them to achieve them while (lovingly) holding them accountable.

Common themes are:
time management
space organization
addressing negative self talk
managing logistics

But perhaps most importantly, our sessions are a space to process this transition – to move from feeling stuck in rumination about what was, and instead getting present to what is. When we are present with what is, we can start to move toward possibility and the space to create something new.


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