Precious time

This week on the socials, I have been talking about time management. Monday’s post was about seeing where your time goes, and Wednesday’s post looked meeting overload. 

Time management is a huge part of the work I do with all my clients- people and workplaces. So today, in classic Helen style, I want to share the why behind time management. Why is it such a crucial part of my work? 

Managing time is not about creating more space for something new- though that might be an happy outcome. And though managing time might improve your organization skills or increase your efficiency and effectiveness, it’s not about that either. It’s certainly not about creating balance- friends there is no such thing.  

No, for me it’s not about any of that. So, then what is my why?  

Managing time effectively, allows us to be fully present to where ever we are in the moment. And as my yoga teachers tell me, “You are either now-here or nowhere”.

There is a time to check email, a time for meetings, a time to dive deep into a project and time to mentor and coach. There is a time for family, for friends. And most importantly there is a time to take care of yourself. And to do any of these things well, we need to show up completely for the task/job/person. We need to be fully present. 

And I have found that when you managing your time effectively, by creating a specific time for email, for meetings, for projects, for your team, friends and family, for yourself- you can more easily show up to what is happening right now. When you have set aside time for each of the things whirling around in your head, you can pause and show up to what ever is happening right now.

The truth is that our time is a precious gift. Give generously by being fully present, by being exactly where you are.

Now-here or nowhere.

Until next week,