Story telling

This week at RARE HQ we have been focusing on interviews, both from the perspective of a candidate and employer. 

Monday’s social media post reminded candidates that interviews are a two-way street –candidates you are interviewing the employer just as much as they are interviewing you. On Wednesday we looked at something that many hiring committees say about candidates they like that may in fact be a major red flag. 

When my clients are preparing for an interview, they are often nervous about how to answer questions without rambling. And I get it, it’s hard! In an interview you are trying to showcase all your skills and tell the story of you.  You have a lot to share, but you want to keep your answers concise. It’s a tough balance.

So today, I am going to share how to shape your answers to interview questions, so they showcase your skills while keeping the story concise and to the point. Here we go:

Step 1:  
Context – set the scene. What was the background? What was the problem?

Step 2:
Intervention – what role did you play? How did you contribute? 

Step 3:
Outcome– then what happened? 

Boom! Context, Intervention, Outcome. When you use these three points to shape your story-telling, you are giving the interview panel insight into the situation, showcasing your skills and then sharing a tangible outcome – your impact.

And here is a fun trick- you can also use this format when highlighting skills in your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Context, Intervention, Outcome.

Need help prepping for your next interview? Reach out- I would love to work with you to hone your story telling skills.

Until next week,