What is vs what was

It’s Easter Monday, a holiday here in Melbourne. It was the start of Passover last week. And it’s not the Easter or Passover we planned is it?

So today, dear reader, I am taking the time to get present with what is. And noticing when I am getting stuck on what was.

How does this land with you?

Have you been taking the time to get present with what is? Are you noticing yourself being stuck on what was? What does it feel like when you are stuck on what was? And when you get present to what is, what comes up? What comes up for you in your work, with your team, with your people?

Lots of questions this week, friends. And if you take a moment with it, you may even have the answers. Or the start of some answers anyway.

Drop a comment, send me an email, give me a call. We can get present to what is together. And together, we can even let go of being stuck on what was – if that is what helpful.

Until next week,